A sad footnote in American history

Ends and Beginnings

Trump Alone G20

Over the last say six to eight months what have you noticed about “our” President other than the obvious. Here is what I have picked-up on, he has become more inaccessible. Other than appearing on the grandstand in front of his adoring fans, staged events surrounded by his yes men and women or running to catch a helicopter for a long weekend of golf at one of his country clubs we, the average, non-deplorable American public have had little to no connection to the man who is “suppose” to represent all of our interest.

And the first lady? Ms. Melania has basically been MIA since day one. The mystery that surrounds her existence in the White House is fodder for the tabloids. Most believe she isn’t even living in the White House which, honestly wouldn’t surprise anyone. Ivanka and Jared, once front and center in this administration have now gone underground…

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Author: Sherrie Miranda

I am an author who writes in order to create more peace and understanding in the world. I am a teacher who has taught students from many countries of the world. I am also a life and writing coach. I love to travel and first traveled to other countries before finally deciding to see some of the U.S., places that foreigners I met have been to, but that I hadn't. I am happily married to a teacher who identifies himself first, as a musician. We hope to someday travel together to places where I read my novel(s) and speak to people about loving life while Angelo plays his piano and entertains the audience too. I also hope to assist seniors and troubled teens to write their life stories in order to heal. Life has much to offer so I always encourage young people to hang in there and know that things WILL get better.

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