Have you had this happen to you? I have, esp. recently after going under anesthesia. (and right now as I try to spell this word and for once, the one time I need it, autocorrect doesn’t help me. Got it, but had to look it up.)

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You are looking for the “right” word.

For a paper, an article, a story, a blog post, a presentation – – you’re trying to express a intense moment, a feeling, an emotion.

Words, sentences, paragraphs, a continuous stream flowing…your back and forth rhythm now rudely interrupted. You have hit The Wall. You can’t climb over without the Word.

It’s right there. On the tip of your tongue. Your mind is searching. You feel the Word. It’s Sizzling, Searing. The perfect Word to capture the moment, the feeling.

Yet, you come up Empty.

Your frustration grows. You use a substitute. You re-read the passage again, and again. The Word doesn’t fit. It doesn’t feel right. It’s an impostor. You go with it anyway. And it hangs, like an ill-fitting jacket or pair of oversized shoes.

Suppose we try to recall a forgotten name. The state of our consciousness is peculiar. There…

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Meet Guest Author Mary Esparza-Vela

Amazing bilingual children’s book author!

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New Pic for books

My name is Mary Esparza-Vela and I am an award-winning author. While working as an Editorial Assistant, I won various awards and was selected as “Civilian of the Year.” My winning stories include an Honorable Mention from Writers Digest and a 1st Place short story. Ten of my children’s picture books have been published by Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. and some won awards. See list below: 


The Odd Chick (Nov 2011)

The Turtle Who Imagined (Feb 2012) – received a Book of the Year Award 

Bearly Learning about Water (Jul 2012)


The Smiling Burro (Oct 2012)

El Burro Sonriente (Spanish) (Oct 2012)


You Can’t Take the Dinosaur Home(Jan 2013) – received a Book of the Year Award, a Five Star Rating, and is currently a finalist in a national competition

No Puedes Llevarte el Dinosaurio a Casa

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Reversing the Deadly Effects of Long-Term Sitting

Yikes, don’t let Thrombosis be the end of you!

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Found this informative little article by Blogger Janet Kokobel Grant


over at


It is useful for everyone, but I suspect especially

Authors and Bloggers

Click HERE to read the article and access the links to further information.


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Where does most of YOUR recent Spam seem to come from?

How ’bout you? Where is your spam coming from?

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Have any of you noticed an increase or sudden surge of spam messages from YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn addresses to your blogs?

Spam email is everywhere.

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